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Experience Panoply, the marketplace that revolutionizes microlearning for content creators in edtech with a captivating vertical format

Gamify Learning

Engage learners with interactive games, leaderboards, and an immersive educational journey

Empowering Creators

Monetize your expertise, join a thriving content creator community, and deliver impactful microlessons

Boost Engagement

Combat the Ebbinghaus curve with timely repetition content delivered via WhatsApp and Telegram APIs

Personalized and Scalable

Create personalized learning experiences while reaching a global audience

Seamless User Experience

Easy integration, centralized control, and effortless access for learners

Not just Entertaining

Microlearning, Gen Z Style: ๐Ÿš€

Panoply's vertical style microlearning experience is designed to captivate Generation-Z learners with bite-sized educational content. In a digital age where attention spans are limited, we understand the importance of delivering knowledge in easily digestible formats

Bite-sized Learning for GenZ: Condense complex topics into microlessons, ensuring high engagement and knowledge retention within short attention spans.

Emulate vertical scroll for a dynamic learning experience. Bite-sized content engages as you seamlessly absorb information.

Gamification Magic ๐ŸŽฎ

Elevate Learning with Games ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ

Develop interactive games within your courses, turning learning into a dynamic adventure for your learners.

Capture attention with exciting games for an immersive learning experience.

Design games that match your course's vibe effortlessly.

Enhance knowledge retention with memorable gameplay.

Drive excellence with automatic leaderboards and healthy competition.

Connect and Collaborate: ๐Ÿค

Build Links, Team Up, and Ignite Unity ๐Ÿค—

Engage with learners in vibrant course sections, fostering a community of shared learning and growth.

Spark insightful conversations among learners, creating a dynamic learning environment.

Foster a sense of camaraderie as learners share experiences and help each other.

Break down barriers and facilitate collaborative learning through interactive groups.

Receive valuable input from learners, improving your courses and honing your teaching skills.

Super Easy To Use.

Grab a โ˜• and relax. Craft your courses with a few clicks and your โค๏ธ. Finally, you're ready to ๐Ÿš€ your knowledge on Panoply

Analytics That Matter

Supercharge Your

Elevate your content creation journey with Panoply's microlearning innovation, seamless course tools, engaging gamification, and insightful analytics. Craft impactful courses, ignite engagement, and shape your influence. This is more than teaching; this is your stage to excel.

Dive into detailed metrics that tell your educator story. Track engagement, completion rates, and user interactions, even per course section

Use data to refine teaching strategies. Find thriving areas and improve courses for an engaging learning experience

Go beyond teaching. With Panoply's analytics, shape courses, inspire learners, and amplify your impact

Gain personalized insights into how learners engage with your content, enabling you to tailor your approach to their needs.

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